“Pursue excellence in every vertical of the workplace”: Meher Sarid, President – Corporate Affairs, Oxigen Services

President of Corporate Affairs, heads Communications, Marketing, HR and Brand at Oxigen Services, Meher Sarid established herself as a successful and well known Entrepreneur.

Having creatively achieved and mastering the Events and Hospitality space- Meher’s creative thirst and a desire to do something new in a potentially dynamic space, led her to Oxigen. Meher brings with her 23 years of rich experience in Management, Brand, Design, Communication and Service Excellence.

Principle in life

As a perfectionist, I am driven to “Doing it right the first time, even when no one is watching” and strive to instill the same ideology in my colleagues and associates.

How did a field related to IT fascinate you? How many women colleagues do you meet in this IT-related work environment?

Joining Oxigen Services proved as a crucial turning point. I had already tasted success as an entrepreneur in the field of Interior Designing, Events, Entertainment and Wedding Management.   I became India’s first wedding planner, in an industry that was scattered. As an economy, we were then poised towards  a digital revolution and joining Oxigen felt more like a natural transition to do new things in a new space.

As to the other part, perhaps it would have held more meaning when I started my professional journey. But now, women are making their presence felt in all verticals of the industry and IT is no different. Driven with their focus and go-getter attitude, women can be seen leading from the front in various IT verticals.

Strategy for work, Do you have men working under you?

The strategy is certainly directly proportionate to the nature of work. I am well organized and process oriented. Having said that, I identify the strengths of each individual irrespective of them being male or female and delegating accordingly. This is what the real strategy is. Like I said before, the ability to utilize your skill sets, your initiative taking drive and being able to deliver results at the right time holds more merit today than the gender. Yes, I have a 50%.50% work force working under me.

Your role vis-a-vis them while developing strategies

Everyone respects the values each individual brings to the team in an organization and hence teams are focused at improving their own contributions. Communicating the same with the right intent is perhaps the key in influencing team mates and getting the work done, regardless of their gender. Owing to the leadership position that I have at Oxigen, it is my responsibility to deliver to our Brand promise, I intervene only if required and like to regulate the organization’s culture, ensuring our brand values are of utmost priority . mentoring the young to become future leaders, is my passion and I have succeeded in that count.

The challenges of being a woman executive in a top role

Just about the same challenges a man would also face at work places. Honestly, I have only strived to raise performance levels to meet results that are expected out of me and that till date continues to remain my driving force in life.

Motto for success at workplace

There is only one motto for success I follow, which is to pursue excellence in every vertical of the workplace. Success is limited in its scope and can get easily manipulated. However, when you pursue excellence, the experience is so profound and enriching, helping you grow as a person and maintaining the highest standards at all times, be it in service or product or quality.


At Oxigen,  I have been instrumental in the launch of Bugzy VAS-2006, Launch of Oxigen Wallet- 2007 and its business management, PR for JV with Microsoft –FY-2007/8, Oxigen TVC -2008, Online Business portfolio development- 2007-12, Creation of Training & Development Department- 2010, Creation of Quality & Service Excellence Sept 2010, making the Oxigen Corporate Film- Jan 2011, Call centre & resolution delivery streamlining – 2012, ISO certification –Dec 2012, Feet On Street program management – Nov 2012, HR management –Dec 2012. Launching Oxigen wallet in 2014, getting Sachin Tendulkar on board as the brand ambassador for Oxigen- 2015, Sponsoring Cricket South Africa team for World Cup and iSL Kerala Blasters 2015, Sponsoring IPL team Gujarat Lions and The New Zealand Cricket team 2016, making TV commercials for Oxigen Campaigns.

I was also awarded the Pride Of India Gold medal, by the President Of Mauritius, H.E Sir Aneroodh Jauganauth &The felicitation was done on the Bhartiya Pravasi Divas, 10th of Dec, 2009.

I also received a Felicitation from the Government of India for organising the wedding industry by Sheila Dixit, for my contributions to the Wedding Industry in India and abroad in March 2010

Family Background

 I come from a Defense background, my father Major General Khurshed S Bharucha, served the Indian Army from 1962 to 1996. As a result, we travelled the country and experienced many varied cultures, architecture, and habitat across the country. While my father was handling national affairs, my mother, Bakhtawar. K. Bharucha looked into the Army Wives Welfare groups that helped the Jawans wives learn skills, both social and occupational. She conducted many stage shows, organized many social events, fund raisers, cultural nights, where I had by default become her helping hand and runner, I used to assist decorate the stage, help with props, flower arrangements and this is where my creative and organizational skills were borne


Your Fitness Mantra: No, am the creative types, love painting or writing prose or poetry instead

Your De-stressing Mantra: Painting, watching movies and reading

Where you like to shop? – In Dubai

Your favorite holiday destination: Domestic “Goa”, International “Mauritius”

5 things you cannot live without: Eggs for breakfast, my Kazillian cups of tea, my mobile phone, laughter and Excitement

Wake up at:
 7:30 am

Morning activities: catching up with my stuff at Whatsapp, Twitter & LinkedIn

Leaving Office at: 7:30 pm

Ist half in office: High energy interactions that result in decision making  or task delegation

Post Lunch:  Meetings and brain storming

How you spend your evenings: catch up with my husband and kids have a family meet at dinner, read or paint or visit friends

Sleep time: midnight

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