On the festival route

nI have been to the Goa Carnival but as a child. Naturally, I don?t remember too much about it except for the crowds. The gaudy clothes, the masks and the music was all very heady and interesting. I plan to go back sometime and see the carnival as it is today.

JAYABRATO CHATTERJEE, author and filmmaker

nI?d gone to shoot in Ajmer where the Pushkar mela is held and my memories of that experience are still vivid. I?m not a very religious person but what was very moving was the faith of so many people, old, young, even disabled, who?d congregated from across the country. This apart, I found the cattle fair extremely colourful and beautiful.

meher sarid, wedding planner

nI went to the Kumbh Mela about eight years ago with a few friends who were foreigners. They were fascinated with the picture that Kumbh presented, especially the Naga sadhus with their huge tilaks. The Pushkar Mela, which I visited about seven years ago, was filled with colours, fun and frolic. I loved the camel-selling and the flea market.

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